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Basic Cleaning

Some people think that housecleaning is a simple task but in fact it demands not only time and efforts but also special skills. Different surfaces demand appropriate liquids that must be selected according to particular materials. Nowadays it becomes popular to apply specialized companies where services are provided by professional highly qualified cleaners.
Basic cleaning is a complex of services that includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping and tidying up all surfaces, kitchen and bathroom. Such housecleaning can be ordered not only as regular one but even before special guests arriving. Your apartment will look like a new one where everything is shining.
Professional cleaners use eco-friendly remedies that do no harm for people and animals. Besides the highly technological equipment is used that provides the most effective result.
Ordering such service you economize your time and efforts and at the same time you may be sure that housecleaning will be provided perfectly.


Deep Cleaning

It is always pleasant to enter clean house, apartment and office. One the one hand cleanness is important from the point of view of health. On the other hand it provides comfort and makes impression of your dwelling or working place to guests and visitors.
Doing house or office cleaning without professional help is ineffective and unpopular. Delegate this task to our professionals and enjoy the result.
We propose deep cleaning that includes full complex of services for tidying up home or an office. Professional cleaners wash windows, provide appropriate care of different surfaces, make ideal order in bathroom and kitchen and so on. Your dwelling or working place will look brilliant after such procedure.
This service package is usually ordered after apartment renovation, after some great parties, before some important guests coming or just once a year for removing mud and dust even from hard-to-reach places.


Move-out in Cleaning

It is understood that every house or apartment looks much more attractive when they are ideally clean and tidy. So when you move out from a dwelling and then want to sell it, order professional cleaning in our company. If all surfaces are be shining so intending purchaser won’t be thinking much time. The same procedure is needed when you have left hired flat or house because according to the agreement you must tidy up the apartment appropriately.
When you move in to a house or apartment it is again desired to see absolute cleanness around. The best way is to order deep cleaning in our company and you may be sure that qualified professionals will remove mud and dust from the dwelling.
We use only eco-friendly liquids, safe for people and animals. The result will undoubtedly exceed your expectations.


Office Cleaning

Clean and tidy office is a key to success for every company. So all managers must care about regular cleaning and this task is rather complicated because it takes much time and efforts and also demands some skills.
Modern offices look beautiful because of combination of glass and mirrors. Those surfaces demand special care therefore professional cleaners select appropriate liquids that leave no stains. Special remedies must be also chosen for leather or wood surfaces.
Office cleaning that is provided by professional companies is the best way of maintaining your working room tidy. Experienced specialists provide a wide range of services at any convenient time (in the morning or evening, every day or at some particular days of week, etc.).
Besides, the cleaning can be ordered for the whole office or for certain parts.
Qualified cleaners take into account all your wishes and final result will undoubtedly exceeds all your expectations.


Cleaning Service to Rental Propertie

A lot of homeowners rent their houses or apartments. One important thing that should be obligatory taken into account is cleanness. Tenants want to move in clean and tidy flat and this condition must be provided according to agreement. Besides, when nobody leaves in a house or in an apartment for some period of time it should be maintained in well condition otherwise it wouldn’t be of great demand.
Our specialists propose appropriate care of bathroom and kitchen, complete removal of mus, dust and trash from the dwelling, dusting, vacuuming and mopping of rooms.


Provide cleaning supplies

Proposing our services we provide also some cleaning supplies depending on the package chosen.
Cleaning products are included into basic cleaning. All of them are eco-friendly and safe for people and animals. Move-out/in or deep package includes also vacuum cleaner, a mop and a bucket.

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Cleanness is the most valuable thing for our company so you may call us at any convenient time and order services. Our managers are always ready to give your necessary information about our packages, prices, etc. Be sure that all your wishes will be taken into account.